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Monalisa & Prateek

Monalisa and Prateek had their engagement on 24th November 2021 at Pramod Convention and club resort, Cuttack. We went there at around 9AM but there was a slight delay in the program. Anyhow we managed it well and carried the event quite smoothly. After reaching the venue we took some establishing shots of the venue and the decor. Then we took some candids and captured the real emotions when their guests arrived at the venue. Pramod was a decent place in terms of lighting and ambiance I must say. The stage was well lit and no external lights except a pair of porta lights were required. 

The most exciting part in their whole engagement ceremony was the range of events such as fun games, dance & DJ. I must say both of them were very supportive and gave us enough time to shoot. We covered the event as usual till evening and then came the best part of the event which is the couple shoot where we shot some exquisite and creative photos with different poses. The warm lighting at the corridor was also amazing and we slightly modified it with our soft lighting to cater the ambiance beautifully. 

Shooting always becomes a lot easier when the couple shows interest in clicking photos and when they give enough time for their shoot. Thus we request all our clients to kindly give us some time to shoot and execute the plans that we have made for you so that we can produce the best out of it.


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