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Abhisek & Disha

A mind-blowing story of two doctors and their unconditional love...

Event dates:
Engagement- 27th Aug '21
Mehndi- 29th Nov '21

Haldi & Sangeet- 30th Nov '21
Wedding & Reception- 1st Dec '21

Abhisek & Disha had their engagement on 27th Aug '21 at Hotel Akbari continental, Cuttack. It was well planned and I had visited the place personally with one of my teammate well in advance on their request to plan out everything and had a proper conversation with the event management team. 

On 27th Aug '21 there was a slight delay in the start of the program as the bride was getting ready for the event and the puja started a bit late. Anyhow the event went good and we got some fabulous pictures of the couple. There was the ring ceremony followed by the cake cutting and the group photo session. After that we took some photos of the couple in the hotel and in the lawn but then it started raining and we had to stop. But lucky us, we had got enough photos which were better than expected. 

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