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Hey there, Chirag here.
Let me narrate you my story...

My story won't be interesting enough if I don't tell you why I am into Photography and most importantly, why into wedding photography as there are so many other genres of photography which I could have been into.
It all started during my school days when my elder brother, my constant supporter gifted me with my first camera. We had no idea then that my passion for photography would later turn into my profession. Then after trying streets, nature and portraits for three years or so, I gradually jumped into wedding photography getting inspired by those famous wedding photography giants. Those emotions, rituals, colors, lights and what not. I found that through wedding photography I can convey my viewers that we are not only capturing their precious moments but we are creating photographs to understand what our lives mean to us.

Then "CHIRAG PHOTOGRAPHY" was established officially with highly trained professional candid Photographers, Cinematographers and Editors. By now we have covered countless weddings, all with great dedication, creativity and team effort. Ahh..I must say I got an 
unparalleled team when it comes to achieving something bigger and pushing their limits beyond expectations. We know the essence of your emotions and value your moments as weddings are the events which are once in a lifetime. Each and every single day we focus on improving our techniques  and come forward with something unique which will stand out in this competitive market. Creativity, quality and timely completion of the work is what we mainly focus on in our projects. 

We understand that our clients are neither superstars nor models who can pose and act as such. Thus, we rely on capturing the true emotions and candid moments which can be cherished forever. You can share your ideas with us...we are here to execute them. 

Please feel free to get in touch with us!


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