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Prateeksha & Kunal

Words aren't enough to describe this beautiful couple. Now I can proudly say that I have also shot something like the 2 States...

An unique combination of Maharashtra & Odisha


Prateeksha & Kunal had their wedding on 1st Dec '21 at Mayfair lagoon Bhubaneswar.

Event dates:
Mehndi- 29th Nov '21
Haldi & Sangeet- 30th Nov '21
Wedding & Reception- 1st Dec '21

Prateeksha, the beautiful bride works at California, USA and she just returned few days prior to her wedding. Everything was managed by his father who is a great person to deal with. 

At first they had their Mehndi ceremony which was conducted in their home apartment itself . Prateeksha was decorated and adorned like a Greek Goddess. The photos came out to be amazing. Simultaneously we had many other weddings going on that day but all the teams worked par excellence.  

On the next day they had their Haldi in the morning and we got some really amazing shots of her in the basement area of their apartment. People generally avoid shooting under direct sunlight but I personally enjoy shooting in such scenarios at times. Subsequently the mangan programs were held.

In the evening, the sangeet program was held at Hotel Vits, Bomikhal where the lighting and the ambience was much in favour of us. We got some unexpected hits and enjoyed shooting in the joyous environment where both the families happily celebrated the evening.

And finally the wait was over as the very next day was their wedding day. Getting ready shots of both Prateeksha & Kunal were taken quite smoothly in the salon as we had some time in our hand. The pictures came out to be super awesome. The ambient lighting was so beautiful that both photos and videos were shot without using any external lights. 

From the salon, we directly moved to the wedding venue- Mayfair Lagoon, Bhubaneswar, where at first we took the couple shots. It's always very important to make them feel very comfortable while you are shooting them. So we try to suggest poses which we think would be suitable for our clients.

After the couple shoot was done, it was time for the baraat and as usual the shaadi moment began where we covered all the rituals and customs which were followed in the bedi (mandap) along with the candids of all the guests who were present there.



In the evening there was the reception. Both the families arrived a bit late in the venue- Mini vatika, Mayfair Lagoon, but we were there well in advance as always. We took some candids and group shots at the stage. The conditions were not so favorable for us but we managed it well anyhow. 

In the end after the ceremony was done and after the departure of all the guests, we took some really fabulous shots of the couple at the inside of Teapot, Mayfair Lagoon and then it was time for us to pack-up.

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